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Palazzo Pio III permanent art gallery

We decided to decorate our property with books honoring the Pope Pius III , who was a patron and a man of boundless culture. Our guest can enjoy reading any kind of book (mostly history, philosophy and religion) in many languages.

To enhance the beauty of Palazzo Pio III, we host the masterpieces of sarteanese goldsmith artist Mauro Fastelli, making Palazzo Pio III a true exhibition. His artworks are fascinating visions made of a fusion of several materials (iron, wood, gold and so on), which give a boost to your experience . We encourage our guests to visit the artist atelier which is just 100 m. from the property, in Piazza XXIV Giugno.

As a permanent museum it is possible to visit Palazzo Pioi III upon request. You can visit common areas and the rooms that are not accupied by guests. Please book your free visit filling the following form

Time schedule for visist: Tuesday and Thursday from 11 am to 1 pm.

The door is open at Palazzo Pio III

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Visits are on Tuesday and Thursday from 11 am to 1 pm.
You can only visit areas rooms not occupied by guests.