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Gift Card

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    A voucher is a gift card valid for a stay in out historic residence. You must pay the card at the time of buying, but the recipient can book his stay whenever he likes, according to the availability of our rooms and within the date range of dates you specified at the time of buying.

    Once you filled the form, we will prepare a personalized PDF gift card with your name and the name of the receipient. You can either print it or forward to your guest. Optionally we can send via email it directly to the recipient on your behalf, if you give us his address. On the card there's a unique copun code. To redeem the coupon, your guest should fill the coupon field with this code at the time of booking.


    As in a normal reservation, the cost of a voucher depends upon the legth of stay you want to give, on the number of people and on the room you choose. We will give you a 10% discount on the final price, based on our best rate for the time range you choose. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or sale that could be active at that time.

    Please fill the form to have a quick quote.

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